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Recovery Bundle
Recovery Bundle

Recovery Bundle

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Thanks to over 25 years of experience in elite sports – as well as ongoing collaborations with numerous universities and extensive investment in scientific research – HumanTecar® has fine-tuned two of its most effective functional products to make them available direct to the public.


Toned & Dynamic Spray

Toned & Dynamic Spray can be used to prepare the body prior to training or competition and enables it to better recover from high performance activity. Alleviates fatigue and facilitates the elimination of excess liquid and toxins, for lighter-feeling legs, and toned and moisturised skin.

Fast Recovery Bandages

Fast Recovery Bandages are used by elite athletes and anyone who wants to benefit from instant treatment for heavy, tired legs. Package contains two disposable bandages soaked in fast recovery anti-fatigue aromatic solution – long enough to fully wrap each leg (see video demo below)