Human Tecar® now in Sydney

The story behind Human Tecar®

Mario Scerri, the founder of Human Tecar®, recently released a rare interview.

For those in Australia who have already experienced Human Tecar®, you'll appreciate the history behind one of the world's most innovative physiotherapy technologies.

For those that are yet to experience Human Tecar®, this story is an insight into the future of physiotherapy.

Before you step into Mario Scerri’s world, you may have noticed the title of the video… F A S T

Why F A S T ?

These four letters represent a 23 year mission by Human Tecar® – and a lifelong commitment by Mario Scerri – to develop state-of-the-art physiotherapy treatments that deliver results, fast.

It’s this focus on fast, effective and stable results that is at the heart of Human Tecar® innovation.