Human Tecar® now in Sydney

TECAR, what's in a word?

Tecar is widely recognised in Europe. But for most of us in Australia, it's a new term; one originally developed by Mario Scerri, the founder of Human Tecar®.

So what is it, and how can it benefit both the therapist and their patients?

When we talk about Tecar and Tecar therapy, we talk about the original Tecar therapy from Human Tecar®; the one recognised today as the best way to reactivate the circulatory system, right down to the deepest areas of biological tissue. It is a sophisticated and precise device to support the manual skills of the therapist or doctor.

It is not a medicine to treat a specific disease. It is simply a tool, a tool that, in the hands of the therapist, becomes indispensable to accelerate all those metabolic and circulatory processes that the operator already stimulates through manual work. Because this stimulation is completely natural, the instrument acts purely on the speed with which such reactions can be obtained and consequently allows faster results that are also more stable over time.

How do you notice the difference? Simple. It is sufficient to treat a large joint (shoulder, elbow, hip) inflamed and painful to perceive how easily and rapidly the microcirculation is reactivated, which in turn eliminates inflammatory catabolites from the tissue. The action, which starts from within the tissue, does not produce that feeling of superficial heat which is counterproductive in the case of inflammation.

With the same ease and speed, the operator can also raise the temperature to dissolve and relax the muscle fibres and recover the elasticity of the tissue, and quickly eliminate a contracture.

Sometimes it may be necessary to increase the deep vasodilation in the surrounding area: the tool allows for this thanks to the possibility of localising the action.

What is the difference between our first instrument from 1986, and the latest generation of the original Tecar therapy, the HCR 1002?

The operating principle is practically the same. However, the electromagnetic signal transfer technology—as well as the application electrodes and the management software—are completely different. And the results are different; faster, more effective and better adaptable to particularly painful pathologies.

There are many therapists who still use the tools of 1986 and still with good results compared to traditional therapies. However, there are just as many operators who have chosen to move to the new generation of HCR 1002 to obtain the best possible results. Thanks to the speed in resolving disorders, it also makes the therapist's manual skills available to a greater number of patients. 

We are at a time now where advancements of science and technological research are helping increase the effectiveness and broaden the application of manual therapies. We now have an alliance, between therapist and technology, which adds value to the manual ability of the operator whose quality of work is measured by the speed and stability of results.

The original Human Tecar® Tecar therapy is for everyone. Even for the most experienced and proficient practitioners, the effects of their techniques—such as osteopathy, chiropractic, manual techniques and mobilisation of any nature—when integrated with the Human Tecar® HCR 1002, are only enhanced to the benefit of both the operator and, above all, the patient.

While we are only in the early days of pioneering Human Tecar® in Australia, our team is excited to share the benefits of the original Tecar therapy with athletes, patients and therapists.

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