Human Tecar® now in Sydney

2019 Gold Coast Marathon

Human Tecar has a long and successful history working alongside some of the world's greatest long distance runners. Eliud Chipkoge, Jordan Hassay, Bernard Lagat, and Worknesh Dagefa are just some of names that have had access to the Human Tecar MO.

As we are currently based out of Brisbane, it seemed like a great opportunity for Athleticus to make our way to the Gold Coast for Human Tecar's first ever marathon on Australian soil.

In the two days leading up to the Gold Coast Marathon we had the chance to demonstrate the many of the high performance protocols that Human Tecar implemented during Nike's Breaking2 Project.

You can go behind the scenes with Nike and Human Tecar here.

A lot of the pre-race neuromuscular treatments we put athletes through aim to awaken the muscle fibres, so runners are out there at their full capacity. This is achieved with Human Tecar's world-first Synergy Viss technology.

Physiotherapists and athletes who dropped into our high performance base camp in Southport also had the chance to get hands on (or feet on) with the Human Tecar MAT system.

The patented mats offer the ideal foundation for advanced proprioceptive training. Designed to replicate different natural terrains and textures, athletes integrate dynamic stretching while on the mats. There are also obvious benefits for rehab, for athletes looking to establish a safe and effective program after returning from injury for surgery.

Human Tecar's fourth generation HCR1002 is the technology that really put Human Tecar on the world map of elite sport. It's effectiveness in improving the rate of recovery and rehab continues to attract physiotherapists and doctors looking to improve an athlete's return to competition.

Before we wrap it up... A big thanks to Jack Smith at Vision PT in Southport for offering us the space we needed to demonstrate the full range of Human Tecar high performance protocols.

We'd also thank the athletes and physiotherapists who had their first chance to see Human Tecar in action, including...

  • Adam Imer from Ferry Road Physio and Physio Performance Clinic
  • Dougls Chebbi
  • Matty DiMasi
  • Rochelle Rodgers
  • Julian Spence
  • Brady Therell
  • Elliot White

And to the running specialists who gave us their time on the Marathon day to talk a little about Human Tecar in Australia...

  • Damon Bray, Shannon Richards & Ben Poole from The Running Movement
  • The recovery team at Southern Cross University
  • Shane Cook from Indigenous Marathon Foundation